loyal commitment and solid preparation

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Who would have thought that even a small size filming project requires lots of efforts from technical team and a loyal commitment of each member to persevere though all the challenges? The ideas are given to be explored and tried out: what works, how and within short or much longer time frame. Are we talking about a month? a year? I hope, we can do more progress soon. Now, we are working to film a pitch of the “Alex and You” project and create thoroughly a Story board.

The solid preparation before the shooting is very crucial. One says: The preparation is the most important part to make sure the filming on set goes smoothly and efficient. How long does the preparation last?

Definitely, it is more efficient, if people can sustain their living while working for the project. As a producer, I am very much concerned how to make my first filming project complete and to be rewarded for the efforts of the crew. After all, the value out of it that audience watch and enjoy our creativity. Many thanks and kind wishes, Katherine Mark

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