Production by young wazy company in Switzerland
Directed by Bonni Kuruvilla
Screenplay by K. Markhanova and F. Di Pane
Original idea by K. Markhanova

This project is dedicated to showcasing important aspects of life, such as friendship, love, family, and education, and to providing support to women who face the challenges and multifaceted character of life in the modern world. Our ever-changing world is complex and dynamic. The ability to adapt to the changes happening around us requires flexibility, reflection, fast learning and observation. The way people respond to changes will play a key role in their future development, dreams and aspirations.

How do you meet these challenges? What reactions do you have? Can you change your ways to maintain a happy life? When certain situations are repeated, do you react in a similar way or do you find other ways to cope? Ultimately, what matters most to you – where, with whom, and in what way?

We challenged these questions in the Aleksandra’s story. But it is not just any story. It is the story of an approach to life and of life changing circumstances.

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